“How do you guys do it? How can you work together and still have such a great relationship with each other?” That’s probably the question I’ve been asked the most in my life. For whatever reason, people are afraid of the idea of working in a family business, yet, I can tell you, there is no stronger driving force than to feel that what you do, day in and day out, is contributing to a family legacy that spans over 45 years of very hard, hard work. Working with people you actually like and care for, gives purposes to our lives. The legacy extends also to our customers, with whom we have grown and evolved and in some cases written history together by building some of the very first cellular networks in the Americas. You want proof? See me in the belly of my pregnant mom, visiting a Telecom site build out back in 1973. Some people say: “I feel I’ve been in this industry forever. Well, I actually have!”.

Back in 2002, I accepted the challenge to bring the Neptuno’s name, legacy and know-how to the US and to explore ways to innovate and get ready for the new technology “wave”. As a result, Neptuno has patented several tower designs, has applied 3 Dimensional technology to Site Surveys and Tower Mapping, has created telecom assets virtual libraries, has helped develop Telecom Asset Management Software and is taking an active role in the Smart Cities movement.


If you are an existing customer, my commitment to you is to keep answering the phone, even after you have already given us the Purchase Order! That is the main compliment you give us, that we care about you all along, and not only when we want to win your business, and we count on keep getting thumbs up on that, besides sustaining the quality of products and services that you are accustomed to.

Now, if you have never worked with us and there is an opportunity to help you, all we need is one chance to demonstrate that a business relationship can be flexible, adaptable, customizable, and yes, sometimes fun. We want to demonstrate to you that the best solutions often come from out-of-the-box thinking, and that you should have options. Our goal is to create meaningful relationships that transcend products, services, projects and TIME. A family business, if run well, has an ‘always there’ quality that is certainly valuable to our customers as it provides continuity and convergence of past, present and future.


We are excited about what lies ahead, the new “smart” era that we are embarking on, and all the possibilities that are waiting for you…and us.

Thank you for stopping by and getting to know a bit more about us. Feel free to reach out at llatino@neptunousa.com!


Leticia Latino van-Splunteren