Neptuno is the exclusive representative of NAAP Software in the USA. The Network Asset Administration Software (NAAP).   Telecom Asset Management is becoming more important than ever to be competitive in the Telecom Market place. Whether you are a Telecom Operator, Tower Company, or Regulator, profitability and productivity will improve by using simple and effective Asset Management tools. NAAP provide the solutions and services to get you started: The NAAP Platform provides a suite of tools that enables different departments – from Engineering, operations, to Finance – to manage asset related processes and resources. NAAP connects the dots between finance and operations.    We are in the Digital Era, yet most operators and Tower Companies don’t have readily available data about their sites. With NAAP, amongst other things, operators will be able to:


Across operational  and finance departments, NAAP is dedicated at helping Telcos, TowerCos and Telecom Regulators solve the many challeges of operating their infastructure. NAAP’s Telecom Asset Management Platform provides a suite of integrated tools and services to meet today’s demands of operating a network infrastructure and assets.

Track Assets & Lifecyle

Solve the paint points related to assets while generating an ROI. Label and track assets with a range of preprinted bar code labels and bar code readers so you can follow their movements through the network and finally to decommissioning.


Manage Documentation

Ensure information survivability, discovery, and access by centralizing all site and asset documents and grant access to those authorized and track changes as they are made.                                                                                         


Manage Site Leasing

Assure your revenues and negotiate from a position of strenght. Track all  contracts and agreements throughout the network so you can ensure expirations, renewals, escalations are managed to the benefit of the company.                     


3D Virtual Visits

Reduce your site surveying costs up to 40% by Laser Scanning your sites and facilities. Reduce your time to information and make important site decisions together with your team from the office. Enable finance to audit sites remotely.


Manage Inventory

Ensure timely and cost-effective availability of equipment and spares and resolve issues fast! Conduct physical fixed asset inventories at sites and warehouses and reconcile data at one central location.                                                                                                                                                                     


Financial Reconciliation

Know the true financial value of your assets and reduce insurance and tax payments while aiding in capital planning, disaster recovery, and compliance.                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Maintenance & Site Facilities

Mobilize people and manage tasks to ensure preventive and corrective maintenance is performed in a seamless operation. NAAP give you the power to direct all operations needed for proper functioning of sites and asset processes.


Manage Processes

Gain insight, productivity, and achieve your objective faster and more cost effectively  by automating processes across the organization. Track all of your process details including status, contacts, notes, and  financials.