3D Tower Mapping


This service, also called, 3D Laser Scanning reduces the amount of site visits your company has to do, generating an immediate savings of 40%. It’s margin error is negligible, and the CAD drawing is an output of the 3D Scan, ensuring elimination of human errors. Through the Virtualization of the Telecom site you will be able to perform any measurement, do visual inspections, show proof of equipment at site, and more, all directly from your computer. This information will be centralized and accessible to all including contractors, making you more efficient and productive. In the case of a natural disaster, such as a Hurricane, having Virtualized data will allow for quick recovery through the ability to exactly reconfigure antennas to its pre-storm orientation, and will also serve as an irrefutable proof of what was on site for insurance claims.

Drone Fly-Bys


Drone technology has opened the door to many options when considering a wireless site inspection. A Drone Fly by is ideal for a quick survey to the top of the tower, avoiding a tower climb all together.   It will also provide a general understanding of the tower maintenance conditions, hazards and potential issues (such as disconnected cables or bird nests on top). It is important to highlight, that in our experience and based on the scope of the site survey, we could recommend a full tower climb, a 3D Site Survey or indeed a survey with drone technology (we don’t see this services as substitutes to each other). As with any new technology, there are still a few things to improve, for instance we won’t recommend this technology if:

  • Customer is in need to have a detailed maintenance evaluation as with the drone fly-by, corrosion can’t be properly assessed in all tower elements (especially steel thickness parameters)
  • Customer is in need to reinforce the tower, as the error margin of measurements with drone is still high (as it is moving while it surveys and can’t establish a firm reference point)
  • Customer is in need to obtain accurate antenna’s azimuths and tilts.
  • Customer needs CAD drawings of the tower.

Site Surveys


From due diligence site surveys in an M&A initiative to an as built survey to assess structural integrity, as long as the scope of work is well defined Neptuno has the know-how to perform it.



Neptuno Group, has vast experience in Build-to-Suit (BTS) projects, especially internationally. Our BTS Services include: A&E design, zoning file and approval, lease negotiations with landlord, survey, FAA/1A certifications, 3D scanning, build-out package submittal and follow-up until approval.

Architecture & Engineering


Neptuno provides structural evaluation assessments, engineering logistics and planning and Professional Stamping for projects related to Wireless Sites deployment.

Tower Reinforcement Design



More and more Neptuno is helping Tower Owners and Operators assess the state of their vertical assets.   Many towers deployed and currently in operations, weren’t built to support the load of multiple carriers, and hence need a strict evaluation assessment and more often than not, reinforcement work.   Not many companies can design, manufacture and install such reinforcements, we do.

Asset Barcoding and RFID



One of our main objectives is helping our customers streamline its operations, be more efficient and lower cost. Through the Asset Barcoding and RFID Program, Neptuno visits all customer’s sites and validates the equipment physically present.  The deliverable is a Network Asset Baseline that enables customers to gain control over its assets. After such baseline is created, the customer will be better poised to track, to a centralized database of his choice, assets movements throughout the network, from installation to repair center to decommissioning.   The baseline creation will have an immediate impact in the elimination of ghost assets, unnecessary purchasing and insurance overpayment.




We offer the complete spectrum of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Standard Trainings. We work with our customers in designing a specialized program to meet its training goals and requirements.